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The American Warrior Society is devoted to one thing: your safety.  In todays world, taking responsibility for your own safety and survival is key and our goal is to teach you how.  

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Dec 24, 2021

On today's Coffee with Rich, we will be joined by Mike Bruce.
Mike is well known across the world for some of his amazing strength feats. Some of these feats include a 1,500-pound partial rack pull at a bodyweight of 202, a seated 300-pound neck raise, situps with 400 pounds on his chest for reps, allowing a 5/8 piece of 4ft steel bar to be bent across the front of his throat and even performing the very dangerous Hangman's noose where Mike hung himself from a noose to demonstrate his insane neck strength.
Mike is a former United States Marine and still adheres to the Marine Corps virtues of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.
Some of his other accomplishments include:
2x New England grappling Champion
CT State Judo Champion
VA Beach State Shootfighting Champion (Pro)
East Coast Shootfighting Champion (amateur)
Western MA Submission Wrestling Champion (Pro)
And many others!
Mike has performed in front of thousands nationwide speaking on the importance of staying drug-free and the benefits of adding Physical Culture to your daily life. In his free time, he has authored various ebooks as well as filmed his DVDs that sell all over the world.
Mike resides in KY with his wife and dogs and operates his private gym The Machine Shop Gym LLC.
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