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The American Warrior Show

The American Warrior Society is devoted to one thing: your safety.  In todays world, taking responsibility for your own safety and survival is key and our goal is to teach you how.  

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Aug 27, 2021

Show # 263 - Coffee with Rich | Steve Washington Owner of Protection Tactics Firearms Training

On today's Coffee with Rich, we will be joined by Steve Washington.
Steve Washington is the owner of Protection Tactics firearms training in Cedar Springs Michigan. Steve served 10 years in the US Army in...

Aug 21, 2021

Show # 262 - Coffee with Rich | Dustin Salomon Former Naval Officer / Director of Training for Defensive Mindset Training / Author 

On today's Coffee with Rich, we will be joined by Dustin Salomon.
Dustin is a former naval officer who specializes in security, protection, and training development....

Aug 13, 2021

Show # 261 - Coffee with Rich | Dr. David Yamane Professor of Sociology and Author on Gunculture 2.0

On today's Coffee with Rich, we will be joined by Dr. David Yamane.
David Yamane is Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. For the past 10 years, he has been...

Aug 6, 2021

Show # 260 - Coffee with Rich | Former Special Mission Unit Officer and Commander Pete Blaber

Pete Blaber commanded at every level of one of the most elite counter-terrorist organizations in the world during most of recent history’s most significant military and political events (Panama, Colombia, Somalia,...