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The American Warrior Show

The American Warrior Society is devoted to one thing: your safety.  In todays world, taking responsibility for your own safety and survival is key and our goal is to teach you how.  

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Feb 19, 2020

Show 211 - Coronavirus Outbreak - Simple Decontamination Tips

This week Mike and Rich dive into one of today's most lethal threats, the Coronavirus.  Discussed in this show:  The virus's spread, possible outcomes, decontamination tips, and more!  Rich brings his survival game on this one with some easy to implement...

Jan 31, 2020

Show 210 - BJJ Black Belt Tom Davey  - Secrets of The Grappling Academy

This week Mike interviews BJJ Black Belt Tom Davey, owner of the super-popular Youtube channel, The Grappling Academy.  Tom is a high-level competitor and coach that focuses on a positive mindset and enjoying the often difficult process of training...

Jan 10, 2020

Show 209: Nick Drossos on The HERO Program - Empowering Personal Protection

This week Mike interviews Canadian Nick Drossos on his system of Empowering Personal Protection and Hero program. Born and raised in Montreal, Nick Drossos has been training since the age of 9 to achieve his expert skills and master strategies...

Dec 29, 2019

Show 208: A Bump in the Night Debrief - Home Defensive Strategies

This week Mike and Rich break down and discuss a recent event at show host Rich Brown's house.  A situation that could have easily turned deadly, we walk through it step by step to uncover the valuable lessons learned.  This show will help you pre-think...

Dec 19, 2019

Show 207: Brian Costanza (Trooper of the Year 2017) Lessons from Five Officer-Involved Shootings and Gunfights

This week Mike interviews Brian Costanza, Oklahoma State Trooper of the year in 2017, and Tactical Team member.  Brian had been involved in a number of high-stress shootings and gunfights and was directly...