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The American Warrior Show

The American Warrior Society is devoted to one thing: your safety.  In todays world, taking responsibility for your own safety and survival is key and our goal is to teach you how.  

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May 23, 2019

Show #188 - Josh Froelich:


This week Mike brings Josh Froelich, World Champion and top competitive shooter in various sports, onto the show to discuss his training habits.  Josh is a true beast when it comes to work ethic,...

May 13, 2019

Show #187 - Who Wins, Who Loses, & Why with John Hearne

This week Mike brings John Hearne on the show to discuss some of his very compelling research on winning and losing via mindset and other factors.  John is a leading expert on this subject, and will open your eyes to many things that may dramatically change how you...

May 7, 2019

Show #186 - Mind Warrior - The Mental Side of Training and Fighting with Jason Kelly 

This week Mike brings hi level MMA coach and wrestler back to the mental side of training and fighting that will help you better understand how to defeat your opponent.  Jason teaches high level combative all over the US to a variety...