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The American Warrior Show

The American Warrior Society is devoted to one thing: your safety.  In todays world, taking responsibility for your own safety and survival is key and our goal is to teach you how.  

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Jan 23, 2022

John recently retired after 25 years of service in the Marines and the intelligence community, but he makes no claim to being a combat veteran. He considers himself very fortunate to have trained under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, and he’s learned much more about shooting...

Jan 14, 2022

Glenn Norling is a retired FBI Special Agent, and the Principal at TBR Consulting LLC, providing world-class emergency planning, crisis management, investigation, and active shooter preparation consultation and training.
Glenn is a certified FBI crisis manager, an FBI instructor, and FBI adjunct faculty. Throughout...

Jan 7, 2022

Mike and I are both Marines, we’ve been in combat and spent years working bars, nightclubs, and topless bars. When we left the Marines, we were correctional officers in a large facility, as well as special operations officers in a...