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The American Warrior Society is devoted to one thing: your safety.  In todays world, taking responsibility for your own safety and survival is key and our goal is to teach you how.  

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Mar 19, 2022

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Coffee with Rich: Rich Brown is the Co-Host of America's leading Self-Defense podcast, the American Warrior Show.
On today's Coffee with Rich, we will be joined by Jonathan Deal. MR. Deal operates full time as the founder and lead instructor of Zero Points Down Academy (ZPD) in South Africa. ZPD is a bespoke training operation catering for Police mandated training of citizens on all small arms as well as advanced levels of sport shooting, including precision long-range shooting.
He is the IDPA State Coordinator for the Cape Province in South Africa and a keen Sport Shooter. In 2020 he founded the SAFE CITIZEN Campaign – a civil rights group concerned with the safety of South Africans who daily face escalating and brutal crime.
Writing on Travel and Tourism, his book, Timeless Karoo was published in 2007, and as a freelance journalist and photographer, he also writes for various publications, including the Rhodes Business School website and the Daily Maverick. He is a past chairman of the Southern African Freelancers Association and is sought after as a speaker and debater on environmental issues at international conferences. Deal presented at Al Gore’s International Climate Leadership School in Johannesburg in March 2014 and was honored in the same year to be listed by City Press as 1 of 100 World Class South Africans, sharing the accolade with fellow citizens such as Nelson Mandela, Mark Shuttleworth and Charlize Theron. His background in journalism and public speaking has proved invaluable in moving Safe Citizen forward.
As a committed trainer, he holds a fierce passion for lawful and competent private gun ownership and regards himself as an influencer in this realm in South Africa. Reading widely on training and civil rights issues, Deal views SafeCitizenas a necessary vehicle to move lawful gun owners close to the police as trusted allies – proving that citizens who can defend themselves will be a powerful and positive influence on the communities in which they live.
Deal intends to use every resource available to unite lawful South Africans who support private firearm ownership, to overturn the untrue perception that firearms are bad and that private firearm owners are to blame for the flood of illegal firearms in the country.
He is determined that his fellow citizens should be able, via the lawful possession of a firearm to enjoy the Constitutional guarantee of freedom from public or private violence.
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