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Sep 27, 2021

Show # 267- Coffee with Rich | Zack Wilson Department of Energy (DOE)- SRT (Special Response Team)
On today's Coffee with Rich, we will be joined by Zack Wilson.
For a very informal introduction of Zack Wilson, he is:
1) Has an addictive personality that makes him extremely competitive with literally everything he does.
2) Has only been around since breakfast but is highly opinionated due to him being a millennial.
On an official capacity:
Zack is currently a member of the Department of Energy (DOE) working as a security police officer on a SRT (Special Response Team) after leaving a DOE firearms instructor position for Project Enhancement Corporation. In addition to this he’s back on the Jiu Jitsu mats after a little hiatus and is currently ranked through the Gracie Barra system training with Samuel Braga at Gracie Barra Knoxville. When he has the time, he occasionally shows up to shoot in IDPA, USPSA, and PRS matches. In, 2015 he received a Bachelor’s in Emergency Services Management and is now toying with the idea of getting a master’s degree.
Prior to getting hired on with DOE, Zack spent 14 years as a police officer for the Knoxville Police Department. All his years on the department were in the Patrol Division, and along the way he became a firearms instructor and a field training officer (FTO). Half of his time at the department was spent on their Special Operations Squad (i.e., SWAT) as a law enforcement sniper, and he was able to attend several law enforcement courses in tactics, deadly force, and law enforcement sniping.
Concurrently to his time at KPD, Zack was also in the Marine Corps with 3/24 Lima Company. He started out as a regular rifleman in the infantry but was selected to be in the Scout Sniper platoon after a battalion INDOC (indoctrination) in 2009 prior to a deployment to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). He lived the life of a P.I.G. (professionally instructed gunmen) during his deployment, and upon return to the states in 2010 he graduated from the Scout Sniper Basic Course class 1-10 at Quantico, VA. His time in the Marine Corps ended in 2012 and during his tenure was able to attend several military schools and courses.
From 2012 to the present, he is also a sniper cadre member of the ILEA (Indiana Law Enforcement Academy) where they instruct and perform a federally accredited basic and advanced law enforcement sniper course every year and speaking of Indiana, he also joined the Indiana National Guard in 2019 and is the Scout/Sniper Section Leader for the 1-151st HHC.
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